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This Limited Warranty and Adjustment Policy is issued by DUNLOP INDIA LIMITED and is applicable for DUNLOP (Made in India) brand tyres and is a promise of replacement under certain specified conditions. This policy applies to tyres used in normal conditioned service displaying warrantable conditions. THIS POLICY IS NOT A WARRANTY THAT YOUR TYRE WILL NOT FAIL OR BECOME UNSERVICEABLE IF NEGLECTED OR MISTREATED.
Dunlop India Limited is pleased to extend this product warranty policy to all categories (Truck / Bus / Light Truck / Farm Service / OTR) of tyres sold by it under the brand name DUNLOP (Made in India) in expression of assurance to the customer of a "Quality Product". Dunlop India Limited warrants to the purchase of every new tyre sold by it under the brand name “DUNLOP” that the same is free from any defect or deficiencies arising out of faulty workmanship, material or process for the original tread life of the tyre.

The original tread life of tyre ends when the tyre tread has worn down to the tread wear indicators with only 2/32" or 1.58 mm of tread depth remaining, at which point the tyre is considered to be fully worn out.

Eligible tyres must be on the vehicle on which they were originally installed, in conformance with the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.

This warranty applies only to the original tyre purchaser, and is not transferable to any other party.
If the tyre under complaint or claim is examined by a person authorized by Dunlop India Ltd. and found to have a defect in workmanship, process or material, then Dunlop India Ltd. would agree to take one of the following actions, as may be applicable:

If the tyre has not worn in tread depth more than 10% of the original usable tread life, it would then be replaced with a comparable new tyre on a free of charge basis applicable local sales tax or similar taxes, including import duty on new tyres and the cost of balancing & mounting services etc. shall be borne by the owner.

If the affected tyre has worn more than 10% of the original usable tread life, than a credit will be given towards purchase of a comparable new tyre in proportion to the original usable tread remaining on such defective tyre to the original usable tread of the new tyre.

The amount of credit will be calculated by the following formula:
C = (R.T.D / O.T.D.) x P
Where C = Amount of credit, R.T.D = Remaining usable tread depth of defective tyre.
O.T.D = Original usable tread depth of a new tyre & P = Landed cost of the importer.
All applicable taxes on the new tyre and costs of mounting and balancing service shall be borne by the owner.
Tyres that have become unserviceable for the following reasons:
Road hazard injuries or damages caused by obstacles or debris on the highways such as cuts, punctures (whether repairable or not), snags, bruises, tears, abrasions or impact breaks.
Improper repairs or failed after repairs.
Improper inflation pressure or other maintenance abuses.
Continued operation while flat or severely under inflated.
Improper application of tyre size and/or specification.
Improper mounting / dismounting procedures or tyre / wheel assembly balance.
Mechanical Irregularities in the vehicle or wheel, such as bent wheel assemblies, misalignment, worn or faulty components.
Accident, corrosion, vandalism, fire or damages caused by nature.
Use of aftermarket tyre additives, such as fillers, sealants or balancing substances, where the added materials are the cause of a failure.
Use of improper inner tube.
Normal wear/tear and deterioration of the surface appearance.
Improper storage.
Cost of mounting and balancing
Loss of time or use, inconvenience, or any incidental or consequential damages
Tyre that have become unserviceable for reasons other than stated above (WHAT IS NOT WARRANTED) will be replaced in accordance with this warranty.
Replacements qualifying under the warranty will be made by authorized Dealer / Importer of the company.
The owner must present the claim tyre to an authorized dealer / importer of company or dealer of company's importer.
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